Sometimes the profession of teaching is an amazing job, and also there comes time, even it becomes really hectic and also stressful like nothing.

In my profession this is the 15th year that I am serving as a preschool teacher. But still I love my job, no matter what comes to me. I learnt a lot from these adorable cute little bundles. They raise me up when I am down, teach me the lessons to life, and give me good company when I am alone. This is what made me to enjoy my profession as a teacher.

Childhood is a beautiful stage in our life, just like a feather that flies in the wind. Whenever, there comes a hard shot, you start to fly out to that direction. The danger is you never know where wind takes you to. Children need to be guided in the right path with the correct setup, otherwise their whole life is in danger.

This is a just small incident happened in my class few years before and wanted to share and let you know that there are families and children like this on this earth. This is not to criticize or whatsoever but to rescue another innocent life, if you notice such things in a kid.

She is a cute adorable little lady who was always nervous and excited. From the very first day I noticed that she is bit of a backward character who was afraid of almost everything. Especially she had a great fear towards the gender. She never wanted to sit and play with boys. Her games were bit different. She was not trained to take meals properly, do the home works, or anything that I assigned her to do at home.

I called out for her parents many times, but they did not come to see me even at parents’ meetings. The kid had a tough time at home with their parents and with the help of school we were able to direct her to foster parents Victoria reliable care center.

She gets the opportunity to see her family, but here she gets more opportunity to make her life right and better from the disaster she was.

The care centers as such, kinship care Victoria is another child care association to take care of the kids who are in danger.
Such centers are not only for the kids who do not have a home or a family, but also for the kids who do not have a right family background to live and spend their childhood.